Prof Jörg Friedrichs

Associate Professor of Politics

Jörg Friedrichs is Associate Professor at ODID and Official Fellow of St Cross College, Oxford. Taking a broad transdisciplinary approach to academic research, his main interests are in the fields of international relations and political sociology. Among other things, he has proposed an intercultural theory of international relations and a theory about the political use of emotions like fear and anger.

In recent years, Jörg has taken an interest in relations between Muslim minorities and non-Muslim majorities. He has published a book on Hindu-Muslim Relations: What Europe Might Learn from India (2019). In the context of the same project, Jörg has also published on Han-Muslim relations in China. Subsequently, Jörg has started investigating community relations between Muslims and non-Muslims in English inner cities. His focus is on community relations in a diverse set of urban neighbourhoods in East London, Birmingham and Halifax (West Yorkshire).

Jörg has studied Classics in Germany and Italy, finishing with a book on political rhetoric in the work of the ancient Greek historian Thucydides (2000). His doctoral studies in Political Science at Munich led to another book on European Approaches to International Relations Theory (2004). His postdoctoral research led to a third book, Fighting Terrorism and Drugs: Europe and International Police Cooperation (2008). His fourth book was The Future Is Not What It Used to Be: Climate Change and Energy Scarcity (2013).

Jörg has published on other topics ranging from denial and self-deception to security regionalism in East Asia and from pragmatic research methodology to China’s popularity in the Middle East and Africa. His articles have appeared in peer-reviewed journals such as International OrganizationInternational Theory, Third World Studies, and Philosophical Psychology.

Teaching & Supervision
In the media
Fear-anger contests: Governmental and populist politics of emotion
Muslims and non-Muslims in England

Jörg Friedrichs teaches for the MSc in Global Governance and Diplomacy. He teaches a seminar on Religion in World Politics and contributes to the foundation course on Global Governance and Diplomacy. He also teaches Qualitative Research Methods.

Doctoral supervision

Jörg is keen to supervise research in international relations and political sociology. He takes special interest in work on religion and world politics, as well as Muslim-majority relations.

Research Students supervised

Alex Barnes
Research Student
Zhifeng Chen
Research Student
Jozef Kosc
Research Student
Karolin Tuncel
Research Student

Books and monographs

Friedrichs, Jörg (2018) 'Hindu-Muslim Relations: What Europe Might Learn from India', London and New Delhi: Routledge
Friedrichs, Jörg (2008) 'Fighting Terrorism and Drugs: Europe and International Police Cooperation', London and New York: Routledge
Friedrichs, Jörg (2004) 'European Approaches to International Relations Theory: A House with Many Mansions', London and New York: Routledge
Friedrichs, Jörg (2000) 'Aufschlussreiche Rhetorik: Ein Versuch uber die Redekultur und ihren Verfall bei Thukydides', Wurzburg: Ergon

Journal articles and special issues

Friedrichs, Jörg (with Niklas Stoehr, Giuliano Formisano) (2022) 'Fear-anger contests: Governmental and populist politics of emotion', Online Social Networks and Media
Friedrichs, Jörg (2022) ' Ethnic segregation in schools: a study of non-decision making', Journal of Education Policy
Friedrichs, Jörg (2021) 'Majority-Muslim Hate Crimes in England: An Interpretive Quantitative Analysis', Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs 41 (2) 215-32
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Friedrichs, Jörg (2018) 'Outlandish Christendom: the Catholic Church in India and China', Journal of Church and State 60 (4) 681-704
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Friedrichs, Jörg (2012) 'East Asian Regional Security: What the ASEAN Family Can (Not) Do', Asian Survey 52 (4) 754-76
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Friedrichs, Jörg (2022) 'Thinking on time: How scholarly praxis can sustain, subvert and transform social reality'. In Gunther Hellmann, Jens Steffek (eds) Praxis as a Perspective on International Politics 197-211 , Bristol University Press
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Encyclopedia entries

Friedrichs, Jörg (2006) 'New Medievalism', In J A Scholte, R Robertson (eds) Encylopedia of Globalization Vol 3 London and New York: Routledge pp 873-75

Other publications

Friedrichs, Jörg (2013) 'Sinn und Zweck der Nachhaltigkeitstransformation: von ontologischer Unsicherheit zu sozioökologischer Resilienz', In Christopher Daase, Stefan Engert and Julian Junk (eds) Verunsicherte Gesellschaft, Überforderter Staat: Zum Wandel der Sicherheitskultur Frankfurt: Campus
Friedrichs, Jörg (2005) 'Politiche Nazionali a Confronto: Germania e Regno Unito', In G Vacca (ed) Dalla Convenzione alla Costituzione Bari: Dedalo pp 253-67
Friedrichs, Jörg (2003) 'What's New About the New Middle Ages?', Leiden Journal of International Law 16(3) 649-53
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Research interests:

International relations; political sociology; Muslim-majority relations