New book by Joerg Friedrichs explores India’s approach to Hindu-Muslim relations

20 September, 2018

A new book by Associate Professor Joerg Friedrichs investigates India’s approach to Hindu–Muslim relations in order to explore what lessons might be learnt for Europe, as it grapples with the refugee 'crisis' and populist reactions to the growth of Muslim minorities.

Professor Friedrichs shows how India can serve as both a model and a warning, and suggests that European liberals can learn not only from the achievements of Indian secularism but also from its crisis.

The book is based on extensive interviews with Indians from diverse backgrounds, from politicians to social activists and from the middle class to slum dwellers and incorporates a wide range of perspectives: Hindu and Muslim, religious and secular, moderate and militant.

Joerg Friedrichs (2018) Hindu-Muslim Relations: What Europe Might Learn from India, Routledge