Dr Albert Sanghoon Park

Departmental Lecturer in Development Studies

Albert Sanghoon Park works on the intersection between social science and public policy. His latest project examines resilience policy in sustainable development. Placing national approaches to resilience policy in comparative perspective, it explores new strategies or paths for multilateral policy coordination. In bringing together perspectives across the Global North and Global South, it sheds light on deeper political and epistemic challenges faced in building resilience for sustainable development and effective climate action.

This new project on resilience policy in sustainable development builds on doctoral work on the politics of knowledge production. Viewed through historical linkages between development studies and development policy, this parallel research strand illustrates unexpected ways in which 'ideas matter'. Emphasising the political role of universities, this multidisciplinary intellectual history is partly enabled by Albert's own background. Prior to joining ODID, Albert taught at the Department of Politics and International Studies, Centre of Development Studies at the University of Cambridge. In addition to a MPhil, PhD (Cambridge) in Development Studies, Albert holds a BSc (MIT) in Materials Science and Engineering. An advocate of grounded theory and practical engagement, Albert has written on development policy and knowledge production for ASEAN, the UN, and the WTO. Prior to academia, he worked for five years in international trade, manufacturing, and investments.

In the media
Lost in Translation? Understanding Resilience in Sustainable Development Policy

Albert teaches on the ‘Core Course’, ‘History and Politics Foundation’, and ‘Climate Questions from the Global South’ for the MPhil in Development Studies.

He has previously taught and convened courses on ‘Education and Development’, as well as ‘Institutions and Development’.

Research Students supervised

Journal articles and special issues

Park, Albert Sanghoon (2022) ' Beyond Great Powers: Middle Power Paths to Resilient Multilateralism', Asian Journal of Peacebuilding
Park, Albert Sanghoon (2017) 'Does the Development Discourse Learn from History?', World Development
Park, Albert Sanghoon (2016) 'Review of Vanishing into Things: Knowledge in Chinese Tradition', Journal of Human Development and Capabilities


Park, Albert Sanghoon (with Gaurav Nayyar, Patrick Low) (2013) 'Supply Chain Perspectives and Issues', World Trade Organization

Working papers

Park, Albert Sanghoon (2023) 'Building resilience knowledge for sustainable development: Insights from development studies', WIDER Working Paper 2023/33 Helsinki: UNU-WIDER
11 Jan, 2023
'ASEAN resilience: A pillar for open and inclusive multilateralism'. Albert Sanghoon Park co-authors op-ed on the need for the Association of Southeast Asian Nations to take a holistic approach to promoting resilience for the Jakarta Post
Research interests:

Resilience policy; sustainable development; development cooperation,; politics of knowledge production; history of science; global history; global IR; global governance; multilateralism; regional and international organisations