Vyoma Dhar Sharma

Research Student

Prior to the DPhil, Vyoma worked as a public health and development researcher in India. She has been part of projects based within African and Asian health systems as well, for which she engaged with governments, international donors, multinational corporations and non-government organizations. 

Vyoma is interested in strengthening the interdisciplinary nature of public health to make it more impactful. 

In the media
21 April, 2022
Vyoma Dhar Sharma awarded Special Commendation for essay on social medicine
10 May, 2021
'"Each burning pyre is an unspeakable, screeching horror" – one researcher on the frontline of India’s COVID crisis'. DPhil Vyoma Dhar Sharma writes for the Conversation
31 Mar, 2020
'"Unprecedented" pandemic and the crisis of mobility in India'. DPhil Vyoma Dhar Sharma writes for the COMPAS blog
Research interests:

Public health, Gender, Reproductive health in India, Nutrition