Prof Ruben Andersson

Professor of Social Anthropology

Ruben Andersson is an anthropologist working on migration, borders and security with a focus on the West African Sahel and southern Europe. His book Illegality, Inc.: Clandestine migration and the business of bordering Europe (University of California Press 2014), an ethnographic account of European efforts to halt irregular migration, accompanies border agencies, aid organisations and migrants along the Spanish-African borders. The book shows how the ‘fight against irregular migration’ has fuelled distress and drama at the borders, which in turns has led to the expansion of a self-reinforcing industry of controls.

Ruben's latest book is No Go World: How fear is redrawing our maps and infecting our politics (University of California Press 2019). This book builds on Ruben's more recent research, financed by the AXA Research Fund, and looks comparatively at remote-controlled interventions and the selective withdrawal of international actors from global 'crisis zones'. Taking as its starting point the conflict in Mali in the West African Sahel, it explores how the mapping of danger, the perception of risk and the politics of fear have all contributed to framing and fuelling security, aid and border interventions in the Sahel as well as in other settings such as Somalia, Libya and Afghanistan. 

Ruben's recent work has been concerned with security intervention on a global scale, including via a forthcoming  book, Wreckonomics (Oxford University Press), coauthored with David Keen. He has recently been awarded a Leverhulme Major Research Fellowship for a project entitled 'Apocalypse soon: Security, subversion and the struggle for a human future'. The project will run over 2023-26 and will involve multi-sited research for a book on the expansion of global security agendas.


Teaching & Supervision
In the media
Apocalypse soon: Security, subversion and the struggle for a human future
The risk crucible: managing multiple insecurities in the western Sahel

Ruben co-convenes and teaches on the MSc in Migration Studies.

Doctoral supervision

Ruben is interested in supervising doctoral research in areas including (but not limited to) migration, mobility, security and conflict. As an anthropologist, he is particularly keen on supervising ethnographic research.

Research Students supervised

Chloe Marshall-Denton
Research Student
Maggie Neil
Research Student
Ewen MacArthur
DPhil Migration Studies Student
Roxana Akhmetova
DPhil in Migration Studies Student

Books and monographs

Andersson, Ruben (2019) 'No Go World: How fear is redrawing our maps and infecting our politics', Oakland: University of California Press
Andersson, Ruben (2014) 'Illegality, Inc: Clandestine migration and the business of bordering Europe', Oakland: University of California Press

Journal articles and special issues

Andersson, Ruben (2022) 'The bioeconomy and the birth of a "new anthropology"', Cultural Anthropology 37 (1) 37-44
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Andersson, Ruben (2016) 'Irreguljär migration och Europas gränskontroller: en etnografisk analys', Report for Delmi, Sweden’s Migration Studies Delegation (links to policy brief in English)

Other publications

Andersson, Ruben (2019) 'Beneficios y depredación en la bioeconomía humana', Papeles de relaciones ecosociales y cambio global 145
Andersson, Ruben (with David Keen) (2019) 'Success, failure and the relocation of risk in Europe’s "fight against irregular migration"', Siirtolaisuus-Migration
Andersson, Ruben (2018) 'Back to the soil. Comment on S. Moland, Sedentary optics: Static anti-trafficking and mobile victims. ', Current Anthropology 59 (2) 115-37
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Andersson, Ruben (2016) 'Why Europe’s border security approach has failed – and how to change it ', Policy paper for the LSE/Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Berlin report on human security
Andersson, Ruben (2016) 'Warum Europas Konzept der Grenzsicherung gescheitert ist', Friedrich Ebert Stiftung
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Andersson, Ruben (2014) 'A global front: Thoughts on enforcement at the rich world’s borders', Online appendix to Andersson, Ruben, Illegality, Inc: Clandestine migration and the business of bordering Europe. Oakland: University of California Press
08 December, 2022
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07 Sep, 2016
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Research interests:

Migration; borders; West Africa; Europe; security; mobility; conflict; displacement