Prof Pramila Krishnan

Professor of Development Economics

Pramila Krishnan began her academic life as an econometrician working on models of self-selection before seeing the light and moving on to work in development economics.

Her research has concentrated on applied microeconomics and she has worked on topics ranging from household portfolios of poor households, to risk-sharing, intra-household allocation and informal insurance, social networks, non-cognitive skills and whether migrants might be both rich and happy.

Teaching & Supervision

Pramila Krishnan teaches on the MSc in Economics for Development, offering a module on education.

Research Students supervised

Gabriela Smarrelli
Research Student
Rocco Zizzamia
Research Student

Journal articles and special issues

Krishnan, Pramila (with Tewodros M Gebrewolde, Michael Koelle, Andualem T Mengistu) (2022) 'Currency Shocks and Firm Behaviour in Ethiopia and Uganda', Journal of African Economies 31 (S_1) i59–i82
Krishnan, Pramila (with Amrita Dhillon, Manasa Patnam, Carlo Perroni) (2020) 'Secession with Natural Resources', The Economic Journal 130 (631) 2207–48
Krishnan, Pramila (with Peng Zhang) (2020) 'Restricting trade and reducing variety: Evidence from Ethiopia', World Development 126
Krishnan, Pramila (with Christian Helmers, Manasa Patnam) (2019) 'Attention and saliency on the internet: Evidence from an online recommendation system', Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 161 216-42
Krishnan, Pramila (with M Patnam) (2014) 'Neighbours And Extension Agents: Who Matters More For Technology Adoption', American Journal of Agricultural Economics 308-27 96 (1)
Krishnan, Pramila (with S Kutikova) (2013) 'Non-cognitive skill formation in poor neighbourhoods of urban India', Labour Economics 24 68-85
Krishnan, Pramila (with S Dercon, S Krutikova) (2013) 'Changes in Living Standards in Villages in India 1975-2004: Revisiting the ICRISAT Village-Level Studies', Journal of Development Studies 49 (12) 1676-93
Krishnan, Pramila (with J Das, S Dercon, J Habyarimana, K Muralidharan, V Sundararaman) (2013) 'School Inputs, Household Substitution, and Test Scores', American Economic Journal: Applied Economics 5 (2) 29-57
Krishnan, Pramila (2011) 'La croissance du PIB rendra-t-elle des habitants des pays en développement plus heureux?', Revue d’économie du développement 191-8 19 (2-3)
18 September, 2017
Pramila Krishnan awarded title of Professor in Recognition of Distinction exercise
Research interests:

Applied microeconomics of development.