Prof Frances Stewart

Professor Emeritus of Development Economics

Frances Stewart was Director of ODID from 1993-2003 and Director of the Centre for Research on Inequality, Human Security and Ethnicity (CRISE) at the department between 2003 and 2010. She has a DPhil from the University of Oxford and an honorary doctorate from the University of Sussex

Among many publications, she is coauthor of UNICEF’s influential study, Adjustment with a Human Face (OUP 1987); War and Underdevelopment (OUP 2001); and leading author and editor of Horizontal Inequalities and Conflict: Understanding Group Violence in Multiethnic Societies (Palgrave, 2008). She has directed a number of major research programmes including several financed by the UK Government’s Department for International Development, and others by the Swedish Development Agency and the Carnegie Corporation

An Emeritus Fellow of Somerville College, Oxford, Frances has acted as consultant for early Human Development Reports; she has been President of the Human Development and Capability Association; President of the British and Irish Development Studies Association; Chair of the United Nations Committee on Development Policy and Vice-Chair of the Board of the International Food Policy Research Institute

She received the Leontief prize in 2013 for advancing the frontiers of economic thought from Tufts University. She was given the UNDP’s Mahbub ul Haq award for her lifetime’s achievements in promoting human development in 2009; and named one of fifty outstanding technological leaders for 2003 by Scientific American (Policy Leader in Economic Development Strategies for promoting anti-poverty campaigns to help quell armed conflicts in developing countries).

CRISE Network
Stewart, Frances (2014) 'Sustainability and Inequality',
Stewart, Frances (2006) 'Human Development: beyond the HDI',
Stewart, Frances (2000) 'Income Distribution And Development',
Stewart, Frances (1998) 'Economic Growth and Human Development',
Stewart, Frances () 'Development and Security',

Books and monographs

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Journal articles and special issues

Stewart, Frances (2019) 'ODS 2018 Annual Lecture: The Human Development Approach: An Overview', Oxford Development Studies
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Stewart, Frances (with V FitzGerald) (1997) 'Memorandum submitted to the Treasury Committee on The International Monetary Fund, Minutes of Evidence, 4th November 1996', London: HMSO

Working papers

Stewart, Frances (1998) 'Consumption, Globalisation and Theory: Why There is Need for Radical Reform', Consumption for Development - Background Papers for the Human Development Report 1998
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Research interests:

Appropriate technology; basic needs; adjustment and poverty; development during conflict; group behaviour; horizontal inequalities; human development.