Cath Porter

Director, Young Lives

Catherine Porter is the Director of Young Lives and a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Economics, Lancaster University, UK.

Her research interests are in applied microeconomics, often using panel or longitudinal datasets. Her focus is on the impact of unexpected events (shocks) on various outcomes such as nutrition, education and parental investments, how inequality develops through childhood into adolescence and early adulthood, and the effectiveness of policy in remediating such inequalities.


Journal articles and special issues

Porter, Cath (with M Favara, A Hittmeyer, D Scott, A Sanchez) (2022) 'The Evolution of Young People’s Mental Health during COVID-19: Evidence from four Low-and-Middle-Income-Countries', Public Health in Practice
Porter, Cath (with M Favara, R Freund, D Scott, A Sanchez) (2022) 'Young Lives interrupted: Effects of Covid-19 and containment policies on adolescents in low- and middle-income countries', Journal of Dvelopment Studies
Porter, Cath (with M Favara, A Hittmeyer, Saurabh Singhal, Tassew Woldehanna) (2022) 'Young people, mental health, and civil conflict: Preliminary findings from Ethiopia's Tigray region', Psychiatry Research Communications 2 (1) 100025
Porter, Cath (with M Favara, G Crivello, D Scott, M Penny, E Revathi, A Sánchez, LD Thuc, T Woldehanna, A McKay) (2021) 'Cohort Profile Update: The Young Lives Study', International Journal of Epidemiology

Working papers

Porter, Cath (with M Favara, J Aguero, A Sanchez) (2021) 'Do More School Resources Increase Learning Outcomes? Evidence from an Extended School-Day Reform', IZA Discussion Paper No 14240
Porter, Cath (with D Scott, R Freund, M Favara, A Sánchez) (2021) 'Unpacking the Post-lockdown Employment Recovery of Young Women in the Global South', IZA Discussion Paper No 14829
Porter, Cath (with M Favara, A Sánchez) (2021) 'Stratification of Returns to Higher Education in Peru: The Role of Education Quality and Major Choices', IZA Discussion Paper No 14339
Porter, Cath (with M Favara, P Glewwe, A Sanchez) (2021) 'Expecting better? How young people form their earnings expectations', IZA Discussion Paper No 14289
Porter, Cath (with M Favara, M Mitchell, A Sanchez) (2020) 'Human Capital Development: New Evidence on the Production of Socio-Emotional Skills', IZA Discussion Paper No 13804
01 October, 2021
Catherine Porter joins Young Lives as new Director
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