Young Lives Releases New Data from School Survey in India and Peru

24 April, 2014

Young Lives has released a new round of data, from its school survey in India and Peru. The data are now available for external researchers to access and use via the UK Data Service.

Young Lives is an international study of childhood poverty, involving 12,000 children in four countries over 15 years. It is led by a team at ODID in association with research and policy partners in four study countries: Ethiopia, India, Peru and Vietnam.

A school survey was introduced into Young Lives in 2010, following three household survey rounds, in order to capture detailed information about children's experiences of schooling. It addressed two main research questions:

  • how do the relationships between poverty and child development manifest themselves and impact upon children's educational experiences and outcomes?
  • to what extent does children's experience of school reinforce or compensate for disadvantage in terms of child development and poverty?

The survey allows researchers to link longitudinal information on household and child characteristics from the household survey with data on the schools attended by the Young Lives children and children's achievements inside and outside the school.

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