Young Lives Publishes First Book in New Series

16 January, 2012

Young Lives has published the first of a series of three books which will follow the course of the Young Lives study.

Childhood Poverty: Multidisciplinary Approaches, edited by Jo Boyden and Michael Bourdillon, was published by Palgrave Macmillan.

This book represents the engagement of Young Lives with researchers and debates in the field of children and development, reflecting on the first two rounds of Young Lives data coming from Ethiopia, India, Peru and Vietnam, with supporting material from Tanzania and South Africa. Topics include the ethics of research, the long-term causes and consequences of childhood poverty, and the resilience and optimism shown by children and their families. The authors also look at the dynamics of childhood poverty – how and why some families move in and out of poverty as well as learning, children's time-use and life transitions – focusing on children's daily lives, their families and communities.