UN platform highlights technology valuation spinout developed by Xiaolan Fu

A UN technology platform set up to promote science, technology and innovation for sustainable development now features a technology valuation spinout established by Professor Xiaolan Fu.

2030 Connect was created in 2020 as a tool for entrepreneurs, innovators, students and leaders to exchange ideas and technology, build networks, and work to advance the Sustainable Development Goals.

The platform currently features, a social enterprise developed by Professor Fu based on her research at ODID. uses big data and artificial intelligence to evaluate the monetary value of technology or technology-rich startup companies to help support innovation and facilitate technology transfer to developing countries.

The tool offers a ground-breaking approach that is more affordable and accurate than previous methods used; when tested on different industries such as digital, biopharma, medical devices, renewable energy, and waste management, proved to have a higher than 90% accuracy rate against true transaction values. 

Professor Fu also presented at a dialogue on ‘Expanding Horizons on IP Finance and Valuation’ hosted by the World Intellectual Property Organisation. 

The event brought together industry leaders, policymakers, entrepreneurs, and investors to find ways to realise the financial potential of intellectual property and other intangible assets.

Professor Fu spoke as part of a panel on alternative approaches to valuing intangible assets. 

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