Innovations in technology and management have largely been perceived as outcomes of development within the field of international development. Compared to dominant topics, such as extreme poverty, hunger and deficient healthcare systems in low-income countries, the key role of technology and management in the development process has not been given sufficient research.

TMCD pursues evidence for the use of technology and innovation as a tool for, rather than an outcome of, development and advocates to bring this to the forefront of international development practice.

TMCD hosts multiple concurrent research projects and event series from its offices. Its broad research themes include:

  • Industrial policy and industrialisation
  • Indigenous innovations, technological capabilities and competitiveness
  • International technology diffusion
  • Innovation policy, strategy and management
  • Public, social and inclusive innovations
  • Environmental innovation for sustainable development
  • International trade, foreign direct investment and economic growth
  • Corporate and public management capabilities in developing countries

TMCD also supervises some ODID doctoral research students and hosts a visiting fellows programme.


Professor Xiaolan Fu

Advisory Board

  • Christopher Adam (University of Oxford)
  • Christopher Woodruff (University of Oxford)
  • Diego Sánchez-Ancochea (University of Oxford)
  • James Zhan (UNCTAD)
  • Luc Soete (UNU-MERIT)
  • Peter Tufano (University of Oxford)
  • Rana Mitter (University of Oxford)
  • Rongping Mu (Chinese Academy of Science)
  • Wing Thye Woo (University of California at Davis)

TMCD is supported by the generous funding of ESRC, EPSRC, UKaid, European Commission, UNIDO, UNCTAD, British Academy, Huawei Technologies Ltd., Cairncross Foundation

Further Information

Tel: +44 (0) 1865 275005