Proochista Ariana Wins Fell Fund Award to Research Factors Affecting Conversion of Resources into Health Outcomes

04 January, 2013

ODID’s Proochista Ariana and Elizabeth Radin, a DPhil student at the Department of Public Health, have been awarded £22,424 by the Fell Fund for a project that investigates how efficiently people convert available health resources into health outcomes.

The research, which will be piloted in Filabavi district, near Hanoi, Vietnam, will examine the role that social factors such as poverty, education and ethnicity play in the conversion process.

Identifying the factors that prevent people from taking optimal advantage of available resources has the potential to improve the return on investments in global health and inform policies that optimize health outcomes by targeting the demand-side constraints to the efficient use of health resources.

The researchers will pilot a mixed-methods approach that quantifies people’s conversion efficiency and elaborates how and why the social factors identified influence this efficiency.

Proochista is a Departmental Lecturer in Global Health and Development, a joint appointment between ODID and the Department of Public Health.