ODID, St Antony’s to launch new scholarship to encourage candidates from Latin America

11 May, 2022

A new scholarship supported by ODID and St Antony’s College aims to encourage more applications to the department from the Global South, with a particular emphasis on candidates from Latin America.

The initiative for this scholarship comes from Professor Valpy FitzGerald who was Head of Department at ODID from 2007 to 2012. The scholarship will be named after his wife Angelines, who has been struggling with Alzheimer’s Disease. 

Latin America is the focus of Professor FitzGerald's academic interests and both ODID and St Antony's currently host a relatively small number of Latin American students; both institutions would very much like to see that number grow. If there are no suitable candidates from Latin America in a particular year, then applicants from other parts of the Global South will be considered.

“Training a new generation of students in development studies at ODID and St Antony's College will be a fitting tribute to Angelines’ own roots in Andalucía, her training as a social historian, her lived experience of Mexico and Nicaragua, and her kindness to previous generations of postgraduates in Cambridge, The Hague and Oxford”, Professor FitzGerald said.

The ambition is that the Angelines Scholarship should cover the academic fee of £30,300. With thanks to Professor FitzGerald, £12,500 has already been secured on an annual basis, which ODID will match, bringing the total to £25,000. ODID and St Antony’s hope to raise the remaining amount, £5,300 annually, via fundraising among their alumni communities.

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