The Angelines Scholarship

Students from the Global South are underrepresented at Oxford due to the high costs of graduate education. We are committed to enabling students to fulfil their academic potential, regardless of background or financial concerns.

ODID and St Antony's College are launching an initiative to raise funds for a joint scholarship, which we aspire to offer from 2023-24 onwards. The Angelines Scholarship will be open to students who apply for any degree offered by ODID with a preference for those from Latin America and whose college of choice is St Antony’s.

The initiative for this scholarship came from Professor Valpy FitzGerald who was Head of Department at ODID from 2007 to 2012 and has been a central figure in academic life at both ODID and St Antony's since 1992. The scholarship will be named after his wife Angelines, who has been struggling with Alzheimer’s Disease. 

Latin America is the focus of Professor FitzGerald's academic interests and both ODID and St Antony's currently host a relatively small number of Latin American students which both institutions would really like to see grow. If there are no suitable candidates from Latin America in a particular year, then applicants from other parts of the global south will be considered.

Training a new generation of students in development studies at ODID and St Antony's College will be a fitting tribute to Angelines’ own roots in Andalucía, her training as a social historian, her lived experience of Mexico and Nicaragua, and her kindness to previous generations of postgraduates in Cambridge, The Hague and Oxford.

Professor Valpy FitzGerald

The ambition is that the scholarship covers the academic fee of £30,300. The good news is that £12,500 has already been secured on an annual basis with grateful thanks to Professor FitzGerald, which ODID will match, making it £25,000. We hope that the community of former ODID/St Antony’s students will help cover the remaining costs of the fees, meaning that we aspire to raise every year £5,300. If we top this amount, the added funds will be used to help pay for the living costs of the student.

We aim to offer the scholarship annually and would therefore particularly appreciate recurring gifts which would allow us to plan ahead. But, of course, we would be grateul for any support, whether this is a single or recurring donation. 

The Angelines Scholarship will not be possible without the support of the worldwide ODID and Antonian community. If you would like to discuss the scholarship in more detail or have a question about how to make a gift, please get in touch with Wouter te Kloeze, Development Director at St Antony’s. 

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