ODID DPhil Marco Haenssgen Wins Honourable Mention in 2015 ESRA Early Career Award

28 July, 2015

ODID DPhil Student Marco Haenssgen has won an honourable mention in the European Survey Research Association's 2015 Early Career Award for his paper 'Facilitating Survey Sampling in Low- and Middle-Income Contexts Through Satellite Maps and Basic Mobile Computing Technology'.

Drawing on an award-winning survey research methodology, the paper describes in detail the process, benefits, and challenges when using basic digital aides and publicly available satellite maps for survey sampling and implementation.

In contrast to existing approaches that utilise such tools, Marco’s method requires no specialised equipment or IT skills. The approach offers a useful alternative for student researchers and resource-constrained survey projects in contexts where satellite data is available (Bing Maps, Google Maps, etc.), where survey sampling and implementation costs are high, and where respondents’ housing units are reasonably stable, identifiable, and homogenous.

Marc presented the paper at the 6th European Survey Research Association Conference in Iceland. His presentation slides can be accessed here.

The photograph shows Marco with his survey team in China.