New research programme to explore African governance

02 March, 2018

ODID academics are participating in a new Oxford Martin School research programme that will investigate how better governance can foster more inclusive growth in Africa, create more jobs for its young population and improve social services and infrastructure.

The Oxford Martin Programme on African Governance is jointly directed by Professor Stefan Dercon of the Blavatnik School of Governance and the Economics Department and Dr Ricardo Soares de Oliveira of the Department of Politics and International Relations.

Six ODID academics will conduct research as part of the programme: Professor Christopher Adam, Professor Jo Boyden, Dr Cheryl Doss, Dr Marta Favara, Professor Douglas Gollin and Dr Oliver Owen.

The programme aims to discover what is holding back job creation and economic transformation, and the delivery of quality social services and infrastructure in Africa. It seeks to understand how better economic, social, and political governance may unlock this, and will focus on specific cases and countries with lessons for the rest of the continent.

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