New Blog Post: Dawn Chatty and Sarah Wahby on Educational Opportunities for Syrian Refugees

19 December, 2014

In the latest post to ODID's blog, Debating Development, Dawn Chatty and Sarah Wahby write about educational opportunities for Syrian refugees.

With the Syrian crisis continuing to displace whole communities, the number of refugees in the surrounding countries of Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey and Northern Iraq/Kurdistan Region of Iraq is now over 3 million, half of whom are children and youth. Tremendous efforts by education actors in these countries have led to the expansion and adaptation of their education systems, but demand far outweighs supply. This is particularly true at the secondary level, leaving the majority of young refugees without quality education.

In the blog, which draws on research carried out in the region over the summer, Dawn Chatty and Sarah Wahby argue that long-term solutions are urgently needed to meet the needs and educational aspirations of refugee youth from Syria.

Read the post.