Multinational Enterprises and Sustainable Development: New book co-edited by Xiaolan Fu

16 October, 2017

A new book co-edited by Professor Xiaolan Fu explores how multinational enterprises (MNEs) contribute to the sustainable development agenda.

The book is an outcome of the MNEmerge project, a multi-partner project involving the Technology and Management Centre for Development (TMCD) at ODID.

In spite of efforts by the United Nations, the poverty alleviation targets outlined in the Millennium Development Goals were not fully achieved. The need to further improve living standards of the world population led to the introduction of the new revised and expanded Sustainable Development Goals in 2015.

Private businesses, and especially large MNEs, are playing a significant role in the implementation of the sustainable development programme. However, in spite of decades of research, the mechanisms through which MNEs can contribute to host country economic development are still not fully understood. Furthermore, the role of local government and its ability to influence MNE activities has not received sufficient attention.

The aim of the MNEmerge project was to develop and test a framework for an analysis of the contribution of MNEs to the sustainable development agenda. Specific attention is placed on the formation of linkages between subsidiary and local stakeholders, such as society, business, and government.

The chapters in the book outline the findings of the project and provide recommendations and implications for policy-makers.

Pervez N Ghauri, Xiaolan Fu and Juha Väätänen (eds) (2017) Multinational Enterprises and Sustainable Development, Emerald