Live Webcast: James E Foster Seminar on New Frontiers in Poverty Measurement

27 April, 2012

Professor James E Foster of George Washington University will speak on New Frontiers in Poverty Measurement at a special seminar co-hosted by the Oxford Poverty and Human Develoment Initiative and the Department of Economics on April 30.

The event will be broadcast live at 17:00 BST at the following link:

James E Foster is Professor of Economics and International Affairs at George Washington University and a Research Associate at OPHI. His research focuses on welfare economics — using economic tools to evaluate the well-being of people. His joint 1984 Econometrica paper is one of the most cited papers on poverty. The paper introduced the FGT Index, which has been used in thousands of studies and was the basis for targeting the Progresa/Oportunidades program in Mexico.

To ask a question or comment on Professor Foster’s talk use the Twitter hashtag #jfoxford.