Joerg Friedrichs Wins Fell Fund Award for Project on 'Carbon Curse'

26 March, 2013

Joerg Friedrichs has received  a Fell Fund award to develop a research project on "The Carbon Curse" together with Oliver Inderwildi of the Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment.

The carbon curse is a novel concept developed by Friedrichs and Inderwildi to account for the fact that fossil fuel-rich economies often seem doomed to high-carbon developmental pathways.

Positive outliers such as Norway suggest that the carbon curse is not destiny, but they are rare and the obstacles to avoiding the carbon curse are many.

Friedrichs and Inderwildi are now being joined by economist Zoheir Ebrahim, funded by Fell, in translating their data-driven insights into a robust model.

For further details on the project, see here.