Jo Boyden and colleagues launch report on young people in emerging markets at House of Lords

25 May, 2016

More than 1 billion young people now live in the emerging market countries of Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America. 

A new report, Young People and the Future of Emerging Markets, which was launched on 24 May in the House of Lords, London, urges their governments to address the specific needs of these young people in order to sustain economic growth, social cohesion and political stability.

The report was produced by the Emerging Markets Symposium at Green Templeton College. It sets out the findings and recommendations of the 2016 Symposium, which brought together international experts including Young Lives Director Jo Boyden, in January this year.

The recommendations of the report, which are aimed at multilateral institutions, business, civil society and academia as well as governments, include:

  • A re-design of systems for physical and mental health-care to make them more sensitive to the needs of young people and better integrated with social care
  • A radical overhaul of education strategies to tackle weaknesses in leadership, teacher quality, curricula and technology, and in particular to increase the extent and quality of primary education as the bedrock of subsequent education and training
  • A realignment of education and training with emerging labour markets and the promotion of young entrepreneurship through measures to improve financial literacy, access to credit and other services and to alleviate legislative and bureaucratic constraints.

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