Frances Stewart Wins Tufts Institute 2013 Leontief Prize with Albert Hirschman

17 September, 2012

The Department is proud to announce that Frances Stewart, Emeritus Professor and Director of ODID 1993-2003, is to be awarded the 2013 Leontief Prize for Advancing the Frontiers of Economic Thought, along with Professor Albert Hirschman of Princeton.

The announcement by Tufts University, which awards this annual prize, states that:

'Development economics is experiencing a deserved revival, as developing countries increasingly seek to define the appropriate role for the state in a global market economy that is suffering upheavals from politics, economics, and resource constraints.

A serious return to development theory must start with the work of Albert Hirschman, one of the early leaders in the field. Frances Stewart’s practical and theoretical work on the challenges of modern development further advance such interdisciplinary approaches to international development.'