Four ODID Academics Participate in Korea Foundation Seminar on Reforming Global Economic Governance

14 February, 2012

Four ODID faculty participated in the Korea Foundation Global Seminar on 'Reforming Global Economic Governance: Concerted Efforts for International Cooperation' as guests of the Korea Foundation on February 9-12. In addition to talks by global policy makers, the Conference divided into four working groups charged with developing policy recommendation to the Government of South Korea for presentation at the G-20 Summit.

Dr Corneliu Bjola and Dr Joerg Friedrichs participated in the working group on 'International Cooperation for Green Growth', Dr Nikita Sud participated in the working group on 'Asia's Role for Sustainable and Balanced Development', and Dr Rodney Bruce Hall participated in the working group on 'Enhancing Global Financial Governance'.  

The Korea Foundation Global Seminar aims to promote transnational exchanges of expert opinions on current global and regional challenges.

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