Working Papers

ODID has its own working papers series reflecting the work in progress of members of the department. Our research groups also have individual series to allow rapid dissemination of their latest findings.

You can find out more about the research groups' working papers below:

You can also access working papers from the Centre for Research on Inequality, Human Security and Ethnicity, which was based at ODID between 2003 and 2010:

You can access working papers from the International Migration Institute, which was based at ODID between 2006 and 2017, via the website of their new network:

The ODID Working Paper Series

The ODID Working Paper series was initiated in 1997 (and formerly known as the QEH Working Paper Series). Working papers are feely available to stimulate discussion among scholars worldwide and are also included in the RePEc database which is used by IDEAS (Internet Documents in Economics Access Service).

Please note - accessible versions of most ODID working papers are available on request. Please email We will endeavour to respond within 7 days.

ODID Working Paper No. 93
Sanjaya Lall (QEH)
ODID Working Paper No. 99
Rajesh Venugopal (QEH)
ODID Working Paper No. 100
William Reno (Northwestern University)
ODID Working Paper No. 101
Manuel Albaladejo (QEH)
ODID Working Paper No. 102
Sanjaya Lall (QEH)
ODID Working Paper No. 94
Sandra Dudley (QEH)
ODID Working Paper No. 91
Valpy FitzGerald (QEH)
ODID Working Paper No. 92
Lindsay Whitfield (QEH/St Antony's College)
ODID Working Paper No. 89
S Griffith-Jones (IDS, University of Sussex) and J Leape (LSE)
ODID Working Paper No. 86
Barbara Harriss-White (QEH)