Prof Robin Cohen

Professor Emeritus of Development Studies

Robin Cohen is Emeritus Professor and Former Director of the International Migration Institute, University of Oxford. He is Senior Research Fellow at Kellogg College.

He has held full professorships at the Universities of the West Indies and Warwick and taught also at the Universities of Ibadan, Birmingham, Stanford, Toronto and Berkeley. He served as Dean of Humanities at the University of Cape Town (2001/3) and directed the nationally designated UK Centre for Research in Ethnic Relations at Warwick (1985/9).

His books include Labour and Politics in Nigeria (1974, rev. 1982), Endgame in South Africa? (1986), The New Helots: Migrants in the International Division of Labour (1987, 2023), Frontiers of Identity: The British and the Others (1994), Global Diasporas: An Introduction (1997, rev. 2008, 2012), Global Sociology (co-author, 2000, 2013), Migration and its Enemies (2006). and Encountering Difference (co-author 2016)  and Migration: The Movement of Humankind from Prehistory to the Present (2019).

He has edited or co-edited 21 further volumes, particularly on the sociology and politics of developing areas, ethnicity, international migration, transnationalism and globalisation. His major works have been translated into Chinese, Danish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Slovenian and Spanish.

With Nicholas Van Hear, he is currently working on issues of mass displacement and a history of migration studies at Oxford


In the media

Books and monographs

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Journal articles and special issues

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