Pratim Ghosal

Research Student

Pratim Ghosal is a DPhil candidate in International Development. Previously Pratim completed a BA in Political Science from Presidency College, Kolkata, India and an MA and MPhil in Political Studies from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India. For his MPhil dissertation, he worked on the dynamic interactions between the state, capital and labour in the tea gardens of North Bengal, India. The work principally focussed on these relations in the contemporary period which is marked by deepened precarity caused by the informalisation of labour and the closures of tea gardens.

Apart from these academic pursuits, Pratim has contributed to various online platforms, writing on contemporary political issues and appeared on a number of debates on key public issues in India. He previously received the UGC-Junior Research Fellowship in 2016 and received the Felix Scholarship in 2019 to pursue the DPhil program at ODID.

In the media
10 Apr, 2021
'Why the BJP’s rise in Bengal cannot be attributed to "subaltern Hindutva"'. DPhil Pratim Ghoshal writes for the Indian Express
27 May, 2017
'What Explains the Mercurial Rise of Jeremy Corbyn, an "Outsider", in the UK Polls?'. Pratim Ghosal writes for The Wire
17 Mar, 2017
'Understanding the "RSS-BJP System" Gives the Opposition Ways to Counter it'. Pratim Ghosal writes for The Wire
Research interests:

Political Economy of Development, Authoritarianism and Populism, Politics of Work and Labour, State-Society Relations.