Prof Matthew J Gibney

Elizabeth Colson Professor of Politics and Forced Migration

Matthew J Gibney is Professor of Politics and Forced Migration and Fellow of Linacre College, Oxford. He is a political scientist who has written widely on issues relating to refugees, migration control and citizenship from the perspectives of normative political theory and comparative politics. He is a graduate of Monash University in Melbourne, Australia and completed an MPhil and a PhD. at Cambridge University, where he was a Commonwealth Scholar.

He has taught politics at Monash, Cambridge, and Harvard universities and the University of Toronto. He has held Visiting Academic positions at Northwestern University in Illinois, Monash University in Melbourne, Australia and, most recently at the University of Toronto and the University of New South Wales in Sydney.

He has written many articles and chapters on asylum and immigration and their relationship to issues of ethics, security and the liberal democratic state. His work has been published in the American Political Science Review, the Georgetown Immigration Law Journal, Forced Migration Review, Government and Opposition, and a range of other journals. His books include Globalizing Rights: The Oxford Amnesty Lectures (Oxford University Press 2003), which has been translated into Spanish and Italian; The Ethics and Politics of Asylum: Liberal Democracy and the Response to Refugees (Cambridge University Press 2004); and (with Randall Hansen) a three-volume encyclopedia entitled Immigration and Asylum From 1900 to the Present (ABC-Clio 2005).

Teaching & Supervision
In the media
The liberal state and the expulsion of members: banishment, denationalisation and deportation

Matthew Gibney teaches two courses for the MSc in Refugee and Forced Migration Studies: Asylum and the Modern State and Morality and Movement: Ethical Issues in Border Control. He also lectures on the core course in Development Studies for the MPhil in Development Studies.

Research Students supervised

Jennifer Barrett
Research Student
Isabelle Lemay
Research Student
Chloe Marshall-Denton
Research Student
Diana Volpe
Research Student

Books and monographs

Gibney, Matthew J (with Bridget Anderson, Emanuela Paoletti) (eds) (2012) 'The Social, Political and Historical Contours of Deportation', Springer

Journal articles and special issues

Gibney, Matthew J (2019) 'Banishment and the pre-history of legitimate expulsion power', Citizenship Studies
Gibney, Matthew J (2019) 'Denationalisation and discrimination', Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies
Gibney, Matthew J (2018) 'The ethics of refugees', Philosophy Compass
Gibney, Matthew J (2015) 'Refugees and justice between states', European Journal of Political Theory 14 (4) 448-63
Gibney, Matthew J (2014) 'The Deprivation of Citizenship in the United Kingdom: A Brief History', Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Law 28 (40 326-35
Gibney, Matthew J (2013) 'Should Citizenship Be Conditional? The Ethics of Denationalization', The Journal of Politics 75 (3) 646-58.
Gibney, Matthew J (2013) 'Is Deportation a Form of Forced Migration? ', Refugee Survey Quarterly 32 (2) 116-29
Gibney, Matthew J (with Bridget Anderson, Emanuela Paoletti) (2011) 'Citizenship, deportation and the boundaries of belonging', 15 (5) 547-63


Gibney, Matthew J (2019) 'The Duties of Refugees'. In David Miller, Christine Straehle (eds) The Political Philosophy of Refuge , Cambridge University Press
Gibney, Matthew J (2017) 'Denationalization'. In Ayelet Schachar, et al (eds) The Oxford Handbook of Citizenship , Oxford: Oxford University Press
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18 December, 2019
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21 Sep, 2021
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Research interests:

The evolution and future of asylum in liberal democracies; the ethical and political issues raised by deportation and expulsion; the role of forced migration in reshaping the modern state.