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Luis has a BA in Sociology (University of Chile, 2009) and an MA in Public Policy (King’s College London, 2013). He is a Chilean national and worked for four years in the Social Development Division of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) of the United Nations, based in Santiago de Chile. He has also worked as an intern at UNRISD (Switzerland) and a junior consultant for CISP (Italy) and the Inter-American Bank.

His professional and research background is mostly on the analysis of Latin American social policies, including CCTs, social pensions and disaster responses. As a result of his period as a Research Assistant, he has published several articles in peer-reviewed journals and book chapters, among others formats.

Now he is a Doctoral Researchers based at the Department of International Development of the University of Oxford working on universalism in Latin American social policies, specifically on pensions. With the goal of contributing to a better understanding of universalism in the Latin American context, he analyses the backwards and incentives of the trajectory of Chilean and Brazilian pension systems towards universal outcomes.

The diverse paths towards universalism in Latin American social policies: the case of pensions in...

Journal articles and special issues


Vargas Faulbaum, Luis (2016) 'Disaster response challenges for social protection systems'. In S Cecchini, F Filgueira, R Martínez, C Rossell (eds) Towards universal social protection: Latin American pathways and policy tools. ECLAC book 136 , Santiago, Chile: United Nations


Vargas Faulbaum, Luis (with C Tassara, A Ibarra) (2015) 'De los programas a las políticas públicas. Protección social y lucha contra la pobreza en Brasil, Colombia y Chile', Madrid: Programa EUROsociAL
Vargas Faulbaum, Luis (2014) '“La construcción de pactos y consensos en materia de política social. El caso de Bolsa Família en el Brasil', Serie Políticas Sociales n 209 Santiago: Naciones Unidas

Conference papers

Vargas Faulbaum, Luis (with S Cecchini) (2016) 'Protección social, ajuste estructural y brechas de bienestar. Una perspectiva latinoamericana', Paper presented at the 1st Congreso Iberoamericano de Relaciones Laborales y Recursos Humanos, Seville, Spain, 28-29 January 2016
Vargas Faulbaum, Luis (2014) 'Inclusión laboral y estrategias de egreso de los PTC. Presentación del análisis de casos nacionales: Chile ', Paper presented at the Seminario regional: articulación entre transferencias monetarias e intervenciones para la inclusión social y productiva: estrategias diferenciadas en las áreas rurales y en las áreas urbanas, Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala, 8-9 July

Other publications

Vargas Faulbaum, Luis (with S Cecchini, C Robles) (2012) 'The Expansion of Cash Transfers in Chile and Its Challenges: Ethical Family Income', International Policy Centre for Inclusive Growth of the United Nations Development Programme (IPC-UNDP) Policy Research Brief. IPC-UNDP, Brazil.
Research interests:

Inequality; poverty; welfare regimes; social policy; social protection; pensions; universalism; Latin America