Haily Tran

Research Student

Haily Tran is a doctoral candidate at ODID and the recipient of the Merton-ODID Scholarship. Her research interest is at the intersection of environmental sustainability and human-centred development, particularly through the lens of agriculture, food, and the informal economy. Her research aims to explore the dynamics of shared values and value creation in promoting a more sustainable agrifood system, but placing the natural environment and marginalised labour (small holder farmers, market vendors, etc.) at the centre rather than market incentives.

Prior to Oxford, Haily had received a Master in City Planning from MIT and a Bachelor degree in Environmental Science from Brown University. Her research and consulting work during those years covered a broad range of topics: climate-resilient housing development in Vietnam, urban informality in Argentina and South Africa, rural livelihoods in Botswana, and corporate social responsibility in France. She currently manages a sustainable agriculture action fund in Vietnam and hope to combine the DPhil academic work with this activism pathway.

Alternative, sustainable agriculture: Seeking alignments of values, interests, & incentives al...
Haily Tran
Research interests:

Sustainable development, Food system, Informality, Urban-rural linkages