Chantawit Tantasith

Research Student

Chantawit Tantasith is a DPhil candidate at ODID. His thesis studies the drivers of income inequality and the distributional consequences of monetary policy in a developing-country context. Before pursuing a doctoral degree, he worked as a Senior Economist at the central bank of Thailand, formulating monetary policy strategy and conducting policy analysis. He completed his master’s degree in Public Policy from Harvard Kennedy School and a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Economics from London School of Economics.

Essays on income inequality and monetary policy

Quantitative Methods, Hilary Term 2022 and Hilary Term 2023

Research Students supervised

Working papers

Tantasith, Chantawit (with Ignazio Angeloni, Johannes Kasinge) (2021) 'The geography of banks in the United States (1990-2020)', M-RCBG Associate Working Paper No 177 Harvard Kennedy School
Tantasith, Chantawit (2018) 'The Impact of LTV policy on Bank Lending: Evidence from Disaggregate Housing Loan Data', PIER Working Paper 90
Research interests:

Inequality, labour market, monetary policy