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Research interests

migration, refugees, labour markets

Carlos Vargas-Silva

Professor of Migration Studies

Carlos Vargas-Silva is Professor in Migration Studies, Director of the Centre on Migration, Policy and Society (COMPAS) and a Fellow of Kellogg College. He has a joint appointment between COMPAS, based at the School of Anthropology and Museum Ethnography, and the Oxford Department of International Development.

The overarching theme of his research is the interaction of migration with labour markets, public services, and health outcomes, with a key focus on the role of policy in affecting those interactions. An important contribution of his work has been the application of concepts from economics to conceptualise migration decisions and the impacts of migration on host communities in the forced migration context. Bringing additional insights from other social sciences, he has developed conceptual frameworks and methodological approaches to investigate the evidence in this context.

Carlos is also Editor-in-Chief of the journal Migration Studies, published by Oxford University Press.

Carlos teaches in the MSc in Migration Studies at Oxford. He also supervises doctoral students interested in migration (in intersection with labour markets, development, and/or public policy) and welcomes new potential DPhil students interested in these areas. He also works with a vibrant group of post-doctoral fellows and is available for collaboration with early career researchers who want to consolidate their research in these topics.

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Professor Vargas-Silva teaches courses on Migration and the Economy and Quantitative Methods for the MSc in Migration Studies.

Doctoral supervision

He is willing to supervise students wishing to explore the Interaction of migration with labour markets, public services, and health outcomes, with a key focus on the role of policy in affecting those interactions.

  • Journal articles and special issues

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