Wolfson hosts exhibition of photographs from project on India’s internal migrants

07 November, 2017

Wolfson College is hosting an exhibition of photographs taken as part of a project on internal migrants in India led by Indrajit Roy, who carried out the research at ODID as an ESRC Future Research Leaders fellow.

A team led by Dr Roy carried out ethnographic research with selected families in a single village in the State of Bihar, whose 100 million people contribute a significant part of India’s labour migrants. Two researchers circulated with migrant labourers as they moved between different localities for work, while one focussed on family members who remained in the village.

The research explored the workers motives for leaving and returning, and what happened to their social and political rights as they circulated between different locations across the country. The photographs document the workers' daily lives.

The exhibition runs from 13 to 30 November 2017. Dr Roy will give a brief introductory talk about the research at 6:30 on 13 November.

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Atul Anand/Lives on the Move