TMD Centre Wins Funds from Cairncross to Research Rising Powers and Global Innovation

11 September, 2012

The TMD Centre has received funding from the Cairncross Foundation to research the integration of the rising powers into the global innovation system.

With the spread of open innovation and increasing internationalisation, the process of innovation is becoming a collaborative and global undertaking. This research plans to address a gap in the literature by focusing on the drivers and impact of China’s integration into the global innovation system through International Innovation Collaboration (IIC).

The research project aims to address questions relating to the status, strategy and practices of IIC among Chinese firms; the factors that affect openness to IIC amongst firms and academic researchers in China; and the impact of IIC on innovation performance in China. It also seeks to understand how firms should choose their optimal collaborator and how policies would serve to increase benefits for both sides. The research is the first to analyse systematically the determinants and impact of the integration of the BRICs into the global innovation system through IIC.

The research will be conducted jointly by the TMD Centre, the Institute of Policy and Management of the Chinese Academy of Science (CAS) and the Department of Innovation and Entrepreneurship of Tsinghua University.

The funding from the Cairncross Foundation will facilitate work on this scoping study, which will be the basis for the development of a full working proposal for a large international comparative study.