Symposium Edited by John Gledhill Assesses (In)security after the Arab Spring

A new symposium edited by John Gledhill in the journal PS: Political Science & Politics examines issues of transitional violence and security in post-Arab Spring states.

The collection of articles addresses three broad questions. First, under what conditions are processes of regime transition likely to incite collective violence? Second, are those conditions present in post-Arab Spring states? And third, what steps might internal and/or external actors take to reduce the potential for further transitional violence in the region, going forward?

The symposium includes case studies by Brian McQuinn, April Longley Alley and Mohammad Ayatollahi Tabaar examining the situation in Libya, Yemen and Egypt respectively. John wrote the introduction and the conclusion, which draws policy implications from the case studies and suggests steps that may be taken to reduce the danger of violence continuing to accompany processes of regime transition in post-Arab Spring states