Stefan Dercon Gives Keynote at Microinsurance Conference in Brazil

29 November, 2011

Professor Stefan Dercon gave the keynote address at the 7th International Microinsurance Conference held in Rio de Janeiro on November 8-10.

The conference brought together 400 experts from over 50 countries to discuss challenges and opportunities in microinsurance - insurance characterized by low premiums and low coverage limits, designed to service low-income people and businesses not served by typical social or commercial insurance schemes.

In his keynote, Professor Dercon said that insurance for the poor had a huge future, but that those involved in the industry needed to work harder at identifying their niche, its complementarity in development efforts and how insurance should be developed alongside microsavings and social protection.

He added that the evidence base was essential and more effort should be expended on understanding why few poor people appeared to buy these products and what the impact of insurance was on people's lives.

The conference was organisd by the Munich Re Foundation and the Microinsurance Network.  Further details of the conference may be found on the Munich Re Foundation website.