Statement on ODID and the coronavirus pandemic

In line with UK and University of Oxford policy, our building is now closed and all our teaching for the coming months will take place online.

At the moment, all our events for Trinity Term are on hold, but we are exploring ways in which we can run some events online and continue important conversations. We believe that adopting an approach that draws on the study of development – for example, understanding the relative impacts on the global North and global South, exploring the role of inequalities and politics, focusing on those in weaker position like migrants and refugees, and adopting a multidisciplinary perspective – is more important than ever in the current crisis.

You can find full information on how the University is dealing with the coronavirus pandemic here. Information for ODID staff can be found on our intranet. We will continue sending regular updates to students and staff, including on future arrangements for teaching and examination.

Our main priority is the health of our staff and students and we also extend our best wishes to our broader community of alumni and friends. Please do not hesitate to contact the Head of Department or our Communication Officer if you have any questions.