Sarah Rosenberg-Jansen wins 2017 Frederick Soddy postgraduate award

27 April, 2017

DPhil Sarah Rosenberg-Jansen has won the 2017 Frederick Soddy award to fund fieldwork in Kenya and Rwanda investigating how renewable energy such as solar and wind is used by refugee communities and agencies.

The award, which supports 'the study of the social, economic, and cultural life of a region’ anywhere in the world is administered by the Royal Geographic Society.

Understanding renewable energy geographies is vital to inform humanitarian policies and practices on energy access activities and to work with communities to enable them to articulate their needs. Sarah’s research aims to understand the geographic and political nature of these problems: how is sustainable energy used in refugee settings and what are the factors influencing energy use in communities?

The project will use geographic and social science methods to analyse these problems and understand the extent to which geographies of renewable energy play out across humanitarian settings.

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