Sanjaya Lall Prizes for 2019 and 2020 announced

23 February, 2021

The board of Oxford Development Studies has announced its prize winners for 2019 and 2020.

The ODS Board awards a £500 prize to honour the memory of the late Professor Sanjaya Lall annually for the best article published in each volume of the journal.

In respect of Volume 47, the prize has been awarded to Miranda Worthen, Angela Veale, Susan McKay & Michael Wessells for ‘The transformative and emancipatory potential of participatory evaluation: Reflections from a participatory action research study with war-affected young mothers’.

In respect of Volume 48, the prize has been awarded to Luisa Enria for ‘Unsettled Authority and Humanitarian Practice: Reflections on Local Legitimacy from Sierra Leone’s Borderlands’.

The Board also awards a £1000 prize every two years for the best article by a student or students published in the journal.

In respect of Volumes 47 and 48, the prize has been awarded to Jessica van Jaarsveld for ‘Nussbaum’s capability approach and African environmental ethics: is the African voice heard’.

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