RSC launch new Rethinking Refuge platform

28 June, 2019

With global displacement receiving increased attention, robust relevant research and new perspectives on refugees and forced migration are needed. The Refugee Studies Centre (RSC) at ODID has launched a new Rethinking Refuge platform which provides short, research-based articles aimed at rethinking refugee issues from a variety of angles, such as politics, international relations, ethics, law, history, and anthropology.

The platform seeks to bridge the gap between scholarly research, policy-making, and public understanding, and in so doing develop a research agenda able to engage meaningfully with the challenge of forced displacement in the 21st century. The articles fall under six core themes, each hugely relevant to the international refugee regime today: refugee protection, emergency and crisis, mobility, refugee agency, humanitarianism, and refugees’ economic lives.

Authors and articles include Professor Matthew Gibney (RSC Director) writing on ‘The duties of refugees’, Professor Cathryn Costello (RSC) and Dr Jennifer Allsopp (SOAS) on ‘Smuggling prohibitions vs. duties of humanity’, Dr Natascha Zaun (LSE) on ‘Rethinking the “European refugee crisis”’, Dr Evan Easton-Calabria (RSC), Dr Kate Pincock (ODI), and Professor Alexander Betts (RSC) on ‘Refugee-led organisations’, and Dr Anne-Line Rodriguez (Queen Mary University London) on ‘Rethinking voluntary returns from North Africa’.

In the words of the RSC’s Director, Matthew Gibney, “By offering the work of the Refugee Studies Centre’s researchers and affiliates in this format, we aim to encourage and generate new thinking on forced migration and to make the RSC’s work even more accessible to a wide variety of audiences across the globe.”

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To learn more, please contact the platform’s editor, Dr Evan Easton-Calabria, at:

The Rethinking Refuge platform has been made possible through a generous grant from the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs and DELMI (Migration Studies Delegation).