Podcast of Annual Elisabeth Colson Lecture by Alessandro Monsutti Now Available

12 June, 2012

A podcast of the RSC's annual Elizabeth Colson Public Lecture, States, Sovereignties and Refugees: A View from the Margins?, delivered by Professor Alessandro Monsutti, is now available.

Drawing from his research with Afghan refugees living in the diaspora, Professor Monsutti outlined a world witnessing shifting sovereignties in which the lines between the nation-state and transnational actors were blurred, and displaced people could increasingly be viewed as agents of their own lives rather than the passive victims seen from a state-centric perspective.

The lecture was delivered on June 6 at the Oxford Museum of Natural History.

Professor Monsutti is Research Director at the Programme for the Study of Global Migration, Associate Professor at the Department of Anthropology and Sociology of Development, Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva and Research Associate, Refugee Studies Centre, University of Oxford.