ODID welcomes new ESRC Global Challenges fellow Elizabeth Rahman

We are delighted to welcome Elizabeth Rahman to the department as a new ESRC Global Challenges Research Fund fellow in 2017.

Dr Rahman's research documents the customary sustainable lifestyles of indigenous and rural groups of South America, examining their implicit pedagogy and how their models of multispecies wellbeing can effectively be integrated with the Global Sustainable Development Goals and passed on to future generations.

The project will include the publication of an ethnographic monograph exploring indigenous mindfulness practices, in society and when learning, inequitable interethnic relations and their transformation over time, and the passing on of sustainable environmental practices. It also aims to build dialogues, and open avenues, to pioneer truly holistic education initiatives that have sustainability and wellbeing at their core. The project is designed to have significant impact on the on-going implementation of holistic educative initiatives, in Peru, Brazil and beyond, and it engages various research users to enable them to do so effectively.

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