ODID presenting at 2017 Political Studies Association Annual Conference

10 April, 2017

ODID academics, students and alumni are among the presenters at this year’s Political Studies Association Annual Conference in Glasgow on 'Politics in Interesting Times' on 10-12 April.

ODID’s Indrajit Roy is chairing a panel on ‘Critical Approaches to Health Politics’. DPhil Simukai Chigudu is presenting a paper as part of the panel on ‘Cholera in Zimbabwe: The Making and Politics of a National Disaster’ and former DPhil Luisa Enria, now at the University of Bath, is co-presenting a paper on ‘Citizens, Dependents, Sons of the Soil: Defining Political Subjectivities through Encounters with Biomedicine during the Ebola Epidemic in Sierra Leone’.

Former DPhil Sarah Jane Cooper-Knock, now a lecturer at the University of Edinburgh, is chairing two panels, on ‘Measuring Democracy and Democratic Consolidation - New Answers to Old Problems' and on ‘Understanding and Negotiating Statehood and Citizenship’. ODID’s Oliver Owen is presenting a paper on ‘Taxation and the Social Contract in Nigeria: Change, Development and Historical Process’ as part of the latter panel. 

Former DPhil Leah Bassel of the University of Leicester is presenting a paper on ‘Brexit and Belonging: Experiences of Naturalisation and the UK Referendum’ as part of a panel on Brexit and Identity.

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