ODID alumni set up new online magazine to explore migration

27 February, 2019

A group of recent ODID graduates have started a new online magazine, Routed, which seeks to bridge the divide between specialist academic literature on human mobility and popular portrayals of migration in the media.

According to their mission statement, the magazine aims ‘to bring a fresh, critical perspective to the study of how and why people move. Challenging perceptions of migration as a binary choice between roots and routes, our work aims to lift up the voices of people “on the move” and to explore human (im)mobility in its many varied forms’.

The first issue, which was published on 15 February, includes six articles encompassing personal reflections on the migrant experience in Chile; the mobility aspect of the UK housing crisis; the problematic assumptions behind DNA testing companies; the story of one migrant mother on the Venezuela/Colombia border; a film about one of Australia’s most notorious off-shore detention facilities for migrants; and the humanitarian – and political – crisis in the Mediterranean.

The issue also includes News and Arts & Culture sections.

The Editor in Chief is Magda Rodríguez Dehli, who completed the MSc in Migration Studies in 2018. The other editors are Max Cohen, Rebekka Fiedler, Markéta (Margaret) Koudelkova and Hallam Tuck, also 2018 MSc in Migration Studies graduates, and Hannah Markay who completed the MSc in Refugee and Forced Migration Studies in the same year.

They will shortly be publishing a call for contributions to the second issue on their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Find out more about the magazine at https://www.routedmagazine.com/.