ODID academics at 2018 DSA conference

21 June, 2018

ODID academics will be presenting at the Development Studies Association conference, which takes place in Manchester, UK, on 27-29 June.

Emeritus Professor Frances Stewart will be speaking on ‘Changing perspectives on inequality’ as part of the first Keynote Plenary at 12:30 on Wednesday 27 June.

Gina Crivello, Paul Dornan and Ginny Morrow of Young Lives will be convening a panel titled ‘The roots of inequalities: what matters most early in the life course?’ (09:00 on Friday 29 June).

The panel will explore the lasting effects of early disadvantage, drawing on the Young Lives study into childhood poverty in Ethiopia, India (the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana), Peru and Vietnam and other research.

Dr Crivello and Dr Morrow will also present a paper for the panel titled ‘What does youth resilience look like in everyday context of poverty? Longitudinal evidence from Young Lives’.

Departmental Lecturer Zaad Mahmood will present a paper titled ‘Decentering structural constraints: locating the site and politics of labour reforms in India’ (14:00 on Thursday 28 June).

The paper draws attention to the continuing relevance of local politics in influencing public policy, through a study of labour market reforms across Indian states and highlights the relevance of regional political economy in influencing reforms.

DPhil Giovanni Pasquali will present a paper titled ‘Measuring Governance and Upgrading across Market Trajectories: North-South vs. South-South value chains’ (11:00 on Thursday 28 June).

The paper presents a quantitative study design to measure product, process, and functional upgrading, as well as internal and external governance. This is achieved using firm-level export data over a 10-year period for the Kenyan leather and garment value chains.

The Oxford Development Studies Annual Lecture on ‘The politics of preserving gender inequality’ will be delivered by Professor Anne Marie Goetz of New York University at 16:00 on Thursday 28 June.

ODID will also have a stall in the book exhibition where you can pick up some of our publications and ask about our research. We hope to see you there.

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