Nine academics and students to present at ECAS7 in Basel

28 June, 2017

Nine ODID academics and students will present papers at the 7th European Conference on African Studies, which takes place in Basel on 30 June to 1 July.

Professor Jocelyn Alexander is convening a panel titled ‘Identity and Soldiering: Making armies in southern Africa’ with JoAnn McGregor of the University of Sussex.

The panel includes two papers by ODID DPhil students:

‘Military Cultures in Apartheid South Africa's Security Forces: Comparison of Three Units Consisting of Black Namibian and Angolan Soldiers’ by Lennart Bolliger

‘A Legacy Ignored: Black Veterans of the Rhodesian African Rifles’ by Marc Howard

Professor Alexander will also present a paper titled ‘Adelante! Cuban trainers, Zimbabwean soldiers and military identities in Angola’ with JoAnn McGregor.

DPhil student Arnold Chamunogwa is convening a panel on ‘Everyday Citizenship: entanglements of state power, space and citizenship in contemporary Africa’ with Rudo Mudiwa of Indiana University.

He will also present a paper on ‘The constructions of "patriots" and "sell-outs" and the remaking of political order on commercial farmlands in Zimbabwe’ as part of the panel.

Other papers being presented include:

  • ‘Tactical diasporas: African migrants finding a place in Lusaka’ by Associate Professor Oliver Bakewell
  • ‘Meritocracy in a “patriotic” era: Protest, politics and degree certificates among Zimbabwean student activists, 2000-2016’ by DPhil Dan Hodgkinson
  • ‘Do Nigerian voters welcome vote-buying?’ by DPhil Sa'eed Husaini.
  • ‘The Other Property Ladder: taxation and the construction of analogue property rights in Lagos’ by ESRC Future Research Leader Olly Owen with Tom Goodfellow of the University of Sheffield.
  • ‘Liberia, Ebola and the Pitfalls of State-building: Reimagining Public Authority 'Inside' and 'Outside' the Post-War State’ by Senior Research Officer Robtel Neajai Pailey.

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