Nikita Sud Interviewed on Al Jazeera About Indian Crackdown on Foreign NGOs

27 May, 2015

Associate Professor Nikita Sud has been interviewed on Al Jazeera's Inside Story about moves by the Narendra Modi government to crack down on NGOs in India that receive foreign funding, including Greenpeace. The NGOs have been accused of working against India's national interest.

Interviewed alongside Priya Pillai of Greenpeace India and Rakesh Sinha, director of the India Policy foundation, Nikita suggested that those who accuse Greenpeace of trying to stifle Indian "development" are putting forward a very narrow definition of development, one based purely on economic growth. An emphasis on human rights or environmental protection thus becomes "anti-development".

She also pointed out that the Modi government has put itself forward as a champion of good governance, but that good governance requires consultation; indigenous peoples affected by government plans for increased coal production in forest lands - a move criticised by Greenpeace - should therefore be included in decision-making.

She also agreed that the crackdown is likely to damage India's reputation abroad and among potential investors.

Watch the interview (panel starts at 04:11 on the clock).