Nikita Sud to feature in Curiosity Carnival with children's story about land

21 September, 2017

Associate Professor Nikita Sud is to take part in the University's European Researchers' Night celebration with a short story for children inspired by her research into the global land grab.

The story, titled 'Lula, Maya and the Land that Lived to Tell the Tale', focusses on two small children who find themselves fenced out of the neighbourhood mango orchard where they love to play when a company decides to build a mall on it. The story explores the many lives of land and, spurred by the crisis of climate change, aims to inculcate curiosity about nature in the next generation.

Nikita has been researching land in South Asia, and the politics of the global land grab, for over a decade. The story is based on her fieldwork sites in eastern India.

She will narrate the story at the Botanic Garden on 29 September as part of the Theory Farmyard section of Curiosity Carnival – a city-wide programme of activities across the University's museums, libraries, gardens and woods that is part of European Researchers' Night.

European Researchers’ Night is a Europe-wide event funded by the European Union dedicated to explaining research through fun, interactive learning. Curiosity Carnival is the first to be held in Oxford.

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