New RSC Policy Briefing on Stabilising the Congo

06 December, 2011

The Refugee Studies Centre has published a new policy briefing entitled Stabilising the Congo.

RSC Policy Briefing 8, written by Emily Paddon (University of Oxford) and Guillaume Lacaille (an independent expert), considers the 'stabilisation approach' adopted by both the international community and national government to address the continued insecurity in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Considering stabilisation also offers a way of conceptualising and engaging with the root causes of displacement. Political implications of the stabilisation agenda are brought into sharper relief by focusing on a single question: stabilisation by whom and for whom? Rather than continuing to support the State unconditionally, the brief calls on international actors to strengthen and exercise their combined leverage in critical priority areas that together form a comprehensive 'road map' to long-term peace and stability following the elections.