New ODS special issue celebrates work of Valpy FitzGerald

16 June, 2017

A new special issue of Oxford Development Studies celebrates the work of Valpy FitzGerald, Emeritus Professor of International Development Finance at ODID and former Head of Department.

The special issue, which was edited by Diego Sanchez-Ancochea and Frances Stewart, brings together articles by Valpy's colleagues and former students on the theme of Conflict, Inequalities and Development.

The collection includes the following articles:

  • Diego Sánchez-Ancochea Conflict, inequalities and development: celebrating the work of Valpy FitzGerald
  • John Toye, Valpy FitzGerald: radical macroeconomist of development
  • Çağatay Bircan, Tilman Brück and Marc Vothknecht, Violent conflict and inequality
  • Frances Stewart and Rachita Daga, Does the way a civil war ends matter for post-conflict development?
  • Nicholas Van Hear and Robin Cohen, Diasporas and conflict: distance, contiguity and spheres of engagement
  • Rosemary Thorp, The political economy of managing extractives: Insights from the Peruvian case
  • Miguel Székely and Pamela Mendoza, Declining inequality in Latin America: structural shift or temporary phenomenon?

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